EVERYTHING COVERED BY YOUR MFG NEW CAR WARRANTY “Bumper to Bumper.” As Outlined in published in your MFG Plan.
Exterior: Paintless Dent Repair (unlimited)
Windshield: Windshield Repair Protection
Rear wheel drive: Parts contained within the differential housing including ring gear and pinion gears, bearings, differential housing if damaged by failure of internally lubricated parts, axle, and universal joints.
Four-wheel drive: Parts contained within the transfer case; transfer case if damaged by failure of internally lubricated parts.
Tires & Wheels: Tire & Wheel Road Hazard Protection (unlimited)
Wear & Tear: Any covered part listed. Breaks due to excessive wear or breaks. For any reason except lack of maintenance or worn out.
Seals and gaskets: All Seals and Gaskets are covered in conjunction with related covered repairs.
Labor: All necessary labor will be paid by COMPANY to repair or replace all parts covered under this warranty agreement.
Rental: If a vehicle requires more than an 8-hour period to be repaired, COMPANY will pay up to $30.00 dollars per day, for a maximum of 4 business days on repairs that would be covered under this warranty agreement.
24/7 Roadside Program: Towing, Emergency tire, battery, gasoline and lockout service, emergency transportation up to 150 miles.
Trip Interruption: If a vehicle requires more than a 24-hour period to be repaired, Company will pay up to four (4) days at $50.00 per day, (if over 200 miles from home).

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